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Pre and Post construction termite treatmentX

The best time to provide protection to your dream property is during the planning and construction phase of a structure. The major objective of Termite control is to establish a chemical barrier between the soil (where termites live) and the structure. A thorough pre-construction treatment is needed to protect any structure from termites.
We at JUPITER PEST CONTROL use only the best termiticide in the world. You get full value for every paisa spent and can successfully protect your house from termites for years together. Please call us for a detailed technical discussion if you are planning to carry out pre construction termite treatment.

Domestic post construction termite treatmentX

Termites, commonly known as “white ants” are social insects. They are a major cause for economic damage. In fact, termites are known to cause more damage than storms, floods and fire put together. A mature termite colony may have over a million termites residing in a “termitaria”. Post construction termite treatment may involve chipping, drilling and poking at walls, furnitures, concealed electrical wirings etc .We have an unblemished record in this field. We use only the best pesticide available so that your property remains protected for years
We have an unblemished record in this field. We use only the best pesticide available so that your property remains protected for years together. Please call us for an inspection of the site and a detailed technical and price discussion.

Anti-cockroach treatment with high quality GelsX

Traditionally, pest control programmes have dealt with cockroaches through use of sprayables – which have their own disadvantages. While the effects of sprayables are more temporary, the inconvenience that they cause due to odour, pre-treatment preparation and post-treatment clean up is more permanent. A major drawback with sprayables is that they cannot be applied to electrical fittings and utility items such as refrigerators, washing machines, coffee machines, microwave ovens, mixers etc. These are the places that provide cockroaches a safe haven.
Gel treatment is fast becoming a method of choice. We use the best quality Gels which are odourless and have very low mammalian toxicity levels. The gels can be easily applied to cracks & crevices, hidden corners, electrical appliances, around garbage containers, bar cabinets, Pooja areas etc.

Rodent controlX

There are very few places on earth where rats do not exist. Rats are some of the most troublesome and damaging rodents in India. They consume and contaminate food, damage structures and property, and transmit parasites and diseases to humans and other animals. Rats live and thrive under a wide variety of climates and conditions ; they are often found in and around homes, farms, gardens, stables, open fields and other buildings.
We use both traditional and modern methods and tools to control mice and rats. Do call us for a discussion.

Mosquito control by fogging and sprayingX

Mosquitoes, apart from causing nuisance to mankind, play a major role in transmission of more human diseases , than any other arthropods. These include malaria, filariasis, dengue, Japanese Encephalitis etc. Causing high morbidity and mortality. There are two completely separate environments in which the pest problem can be controlled, mainly :
1. Tracing and larviciding the breeding sites of mosquitoes and,
2. Residual spraying, of the adult resting places , with insecticides.
Please call us for a detailed inspection of the site and areas where mosquito control needs to be done. We use both spraying and / or fogging. Fogging is usually done in large areas when the wind velocity is low or negligible.

Industrial pest controlX

We are associated with many Industries like Food storage, Food processing, Pharma companies, Liquor Companies, Mineral water Industry, Tea Industry, Construction Business, Hotel Industry etc. We have quality pesticides designed for each of these industries.

Pest control in sensitive areasX

Some sensitive areas where we have regularly provided our service are → fisheries, Operation theatres, Nurseries, Stud farms, Food production etc.

Residential pest controlX

Your home is important. We take utmost care when we treat your home. Therefore only the best pesticides and gels are used. You may opt for the use of odourless insecticides. Please call us for a discussion.

Bed Bug TreatmentX

Bed bugs are major irritants. They can cause severe itching. They are effectively controlled by our formulation of pesticides.