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Welcome to Jupiter Pest Control

In 2005, a successful sales professional started a new business in Siliguri. He named the business – JUPITER PEST CONTROL. It marked the beginning of an era – and changed the way pest control was carried out in Siliguri and North Bengal.

All the while, pest control business in Siliguri / North Bengal was mostly carried out in a an unorganised manner and there was not much respectability associated with this trade. But Pramit Palit and his brain child JUPITER PEST CONTROL changed all that. Fresh local boys were hired. The pesticide used was of high quality and branded. And most importantly, the business was and still is carried out with absolute honesty and customers got full value for money. People of North Bengal got a taste of a high quality service – at par with any other pest control operator in the Metros.

Today JUPITER PEST CONTROL is known for it’s crisp service, professional approach and overall quality. We continue to set high standards which others emulate but find difficult to achieve. We are more interested in delighting our customers than achieving short term commercial gains. And we do not compromise on quality .

We serve all types of clients – Factories, Schools, Hospitals, Shops, Offices, Multiplexes, Eateries, Hotels, Homes, Housing Societies, open areas, Warehouses and others.